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“I have worked with PAA for nearly a decade. They have always been a fun, happy, hardworking, and offer outside-the-box-thinking. After starting Network Ventures, Inc., my Real Estate Investment company, in 2020 and knowing PAA's extensive real estate accounting background, it only made sense to explore the opportunity of working together. PAA took the initiative to reach out and offer help in getting my company off the ground. PAA started off helping set up systems and processes to manage my residential flips. Shortly after, once I began doing commercial projects and made my way into development, they became an even bigger asset. PAA has been instrumental in setting up S&P’s for invoicing, draw schedules, accounts payable, having proper documents on file and practically everything else that goes into the financial side of a business. 
Outside of PAA's specialized knowledge, one of the greatest parts about working with PAA is the culture we have. We share a very honest, authentic, caring, accountable and growth-oriented partnership and friendship. I can truly trust PAA to look out for my best interest and what is right for the company; something that is not easy to find. All in all, I highly recommend PAA for anything financially related as they are extremely smart, knows their stuff and have great personalities to go along with it."

Chris G. – CEO, Network Ventures Group

“Running a startup clothing line is one of the most difficult businesses to build. In attempt to reserve funds, I tasked myself with design, purchasing, inventory management, shipping, social media marketing, and accounting. After a few months I realized I was sinking my own company and needed help. I hired PAA to manage all my accounting and financial forecasting so I could focus on the day to day. The support I received was critical to my growth, their services allowed me to effectively manage my cashflow and utilize opportunities to grow my business. I highly recommend PAA to any small business looking for a reliable and ethical F&A partner.”

Tyson J. – Founder, Levitate Clothing

“After starting my own firm and managing every aspect for the first year I realized keeping up with the accounting was causing other aspects of running my firm to suffer. There are many nuances managing financials in the legal industry, and I was hesitant to hand the responsibility off to just any firm. PAA showed their in-depth knowledge of the legal field as well as providing great client service that left me with no questions I went with the right firm for my accounting and financial needs.”

Michael R. – Founder & Principal Attorney – Royer Law Group, APC

“I couldn’t be more pleased with the work and support I receive from Precision Accounting Advisors. As a medical professional with no financial background, PAA set up my QuickBooks accounts in a way that I could understand and utilize to gather the information I need to keep my physical therapy business on track fiscally.   I found PAA to be efficient, organized, patient, and professional in all my interactions.  I continue to rely on them to keep my business on track so I can focus on the clinical aspects of my business.”

Lu M. – Co-Founder – DTS, Inc.

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