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Mission Statement

Precision Accounting Advisors is a trusted accounting and financial advisor to small and medium-sized private businesses. PAA offers a variety of services allowing businesses to outsource critical F&A tasks and focus on strategic initiatives.” 

Business Meeting

About Us

Precision Accounting Advisors was created to help the small to medium-sized (SME) private business. There are more than 30 million SMEs in the US, in which many stakeholders wear multiple hats due to resource constraints. PAA wants to help these companies by providing trusted accounting and advisory services at a very equitable rate. Our economy runs on small businesses, making up 99% of all US businesses. Many SMEs fail within the first 5 years due to resource constraints, rising operating costs, and the inability to scale. Our inspiration is to alleviate some of the risk by providing affordable solutions that empower decision makers to execute on growth opportunities.

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